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About us


Beauty Case Brand in 21st Century, 100% online, deliver globally.



ROWNYEON is a women’s accessories label specializing in cosmetic bags, based in China. Each piece is conceived in depth in order to create a purpose built product that will also create a unique experience to its predecessor.



Working as an professional makeup artist, Jessie suffered a lot due to a lack of practical, functional yet stylish cosmetic travel cases. So Jessie decided to create her own line of cosmetic cases. Over time, Jessie’s been able to cultivate an identifiable aesthetic and has been recognized worldwide by travel enthusiasts, influencers, tastemakers, celebrities and bloggers, who support and wear the line.



  • Enthusiasm – offering new and exciting products to our customers.

We are inspired by the needs of real women who share their love of beauty.


  • Eternity – creating timeless and quality cases to all those travel makeup artists.

By working throughout the year with the same craftsmen and the same materials, we guarantee you an optimal quality.


  • Empathy – acting with compassion in our hearts and having an open mind.

We design our products with a deep understanding of our consumer. They are the focus of all we do.